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Both empty into Vejle Fjord, which connects Vejle by water through the Little Belt strait to the Baltic Sea, and through the Kattegat and Skagerrak straits to the Atlantic Ocean.

Many of Vejle's neighbourhoods began as separate towns or villages that merged with the city as it grew.

It is the site of the councils of Vejle Municipality (kommune) and the Region of Southern Denmark.Søndermarken, Nørremarken, and Grejsdalen, however, were all founded as extensions of the city onto the surrounding hillsides.Vejle's neighbourhoods include: Vejle is the cultural and economic centre of Vejle Municipality and, as part of the unofficial Triangle Area (Trekantområde), is rich in industry, business, and the service sector.Today, Vejle's economy is shifting out of the industrial sector and into the high-tech sector, with a number of software companies operating out of the city.Vejle is known regionally as a vibrant shopping town with a wide and varied offering of both chain and specialty shops, primarily located along the city's central pedestrian mall.

You date Furesø

For a country where the highest natural elevation is only about 170 m (558 ft) above sea level, Vejle is known for the forested hills that rise to the north and south of the town and fjord.The two valleys that converge at Vejle are both unique in Denmark: Vejle River Valley (Vejle Ådal) is the longest tunnel valley in Denmark, and the Grejs Valley (Grejsdalen) is the largest ravine in Denmark.Despite the decline in the industry in Denmark, the last cotton mill in Vejle remained open until 1993.Today, many of the old mill buildings are used for art studios, office space, and, more recently, apartments. The city is home to one of the largest chewing gum factories in the world, producing Stimorol brand chewing gum.Hvad enten boligsøgningen handler om ledige lejligheder til leje, ledige huse til leje, rækkehus til leje, værelse til leje, sommerhus til leje, eller en delebolig med roommate, så finder du her det nyeste udvalg på

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